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Using NUS OpenID

There are a few ways to allow users on your site to use NUS OpenID.

If you are using a popular CMS like Drupal or Wordpress, there might be OpenID modules already available for your CMS. You can use these modules to allow OpenID users to log in. Optionally, you might want to alter the modules to only allow NUS OpenID users, by limiting the identity URL.

If you wrote your own site, you will need to write an OpenID Consumer. There are many OpenID libraries available in different languages that allows you to do that easily. We have examples written using PHP lightopenid library. Feel free to download the source and use that.

IMPORTANT: Developers, please join the "NUS OpenID Developers" NUSGroups. This will allow us to announce changes to you in a timely manner to prevent breakages.


Here is a list of bugfixes. Please help us make NUS OpenID better! Send bug reports to the mailing list at openid{at}

2012-05-08: Fixed to only return Sreg properties that were requested. mod_auth_openid fails when we return extra Sreg properties.

2012-02-16: Fixed users with uppercase identitier unable to be redirected back to RP. Credits Frank LIAUW.

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