About NUS OpenID

For Users

NUS OpenID allows you to use your NUSNET account to sign into multiple websites, without needing to create new passwords.

With NUS OpenID, your password is only used to log in to NUS OpenID website. NUS OpenID then authenticates you to other websites you visit. The only information you need to provide to other websites is your OpenID Identity (e.g. http://openid.nus.edu.sg/a0066250), so you do not need to worry about other websites stealing your credentials.

For Developers

NUS OpenID allows your applications to authenticate NUS users easily and securely, without needing to register users seperately. There are many libraries available in most languages to help you set up quickly. Please check OpenID Foundation for more information. Take a look at our developers' resources, or drop us an email if you need further information to integrate your application with NUS OpenID.

Note: NUS OpenID is still in beta. Please see the developers' resources page (changelog) if you would like to report a bug.

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